• Super High Speed Camera
  • Video Analyzation
  • Club Fitting & Ball Fitting
  • Club Path Analyzation
Super High Speed Camera Based Sensor Based
Camera based simulator uses high speed cameras to detect the ball. Each movement of the ball is captured by cameras and then the simulator software calculates ball speed, spin, swing, & path. Since the actual moving ball is captured it is very accurate.
IR based simulator uses infrared rays to detect the properties of the ball after it has been hit. Different sensors are used to detect every single aspect of the ball's motion. So large number of sensors is required to be attached.
Game Duration
Can play as many round as golfers want.
Game Duration
Golfing can be done only for the limited duration as IR simulator continuosly emits infrared rays to detect the ball which results in interference which in turn decreases the capability of simulator to detect the ball properly if played for longer duration .
Package Includes
  • Inbuilt Longest Drive, Closest to Pin competition modes.
  • More than 100 courses to choose from.
  • Support network play.
  • Capable to customize package in terms of courses.
  • Follows the golf rule i.e., only first shot of each hole have to play from the tee.
  • Capable of indoor & outdoor installation.
  • Practice inside the simulator without using any Net.
  • 8 players can play simultaneously.
Package Includes
  • No inbuilt Longest Drive, Closest to Pin competition modes.
  • Limited courses.
  • Don't support network play.
  • Additional courses on additional charges.
  • Every shot have to be played from tee, which is against the golf rule.
  • Sensors are quite sensitive to sunlight hence cannot installed outdoor.
  • Additional space required for practice net.
  • Only 4 players can play simultaneously.
Safety & Maintenance
  • Cameras are projected on the ceiling hence completely safe from golf clubs & balls.
  • No maintenance.
  • Hitting mat contains no sensors so no possibility of short circuits.
  • No need of reflective tape.
  • No reflective tape attached so keep your clubs as you want.
Safety & Maintenance
  • Chances of damage to infrared sensors is very high as they are placed very near to the hitting zone.
  • High level of maintenance is required as many sensors are attaced to the hitting mat. Beginners hesitate to practice as damage or breakage of hitting mat is quite high.
  • Hitting mat containcs sensors with heat & current fluctuations possibility of short circuit in mat.
  • Need reflective tape on the bottom of the club to measure club head motion.
  • Once shot played, the reflective tape of your clubs starts to move and come off when club comes in contact with Turf/Hitting mat.
Service in India
Service will be provided from India only from our Mumbai office.
Service in India
You can contact the manufacturer for service.
  • Cameras can be easily available from our office.
  • Cameras can be easily replaced by yourself with help of our online technical support executive.
  • Replacement of sensors is difficult due to limited availability.
  • IR Sensors are not easy to replace by your own.
Highly accurate as calculation is based on camera's not sensors.
The accuracy depends upon number of sensors used in the system & alignment.

See yourself in action. Watch yourself on screen and study your swing frame by frame.

Our Model 3000V golf simulator is now equipped with an advance Video Swing Analyzer Tool. This will enable you to review video footage of your swing for unlimited times. Each action of swing stages i.e., address position, backswing & downswing gets captured in video can be analyzed to learn or teach the biomechanics/mechanics of swing.

Video footage helps you to assess strength & weakness of your swing action by bringing your notice on different key parts of setup & swing. Setup includes setting proper Aim, Grip, Ball Position, Body Alignment & Posture, i.e. the preparation that you do prior to swing and movement of body along with club to hit the ball belongs to swing.

In order to master the technical fundamentals & develop right approach to swing you can measure angle in all stages of swing by drawing the line to assess the correct position at particular action. This facilitates to keep a watch on your progress.

Features of BOGolf Video Swing Analyzer Tool:

  • Video playback
  • Easy to use drawing tools
  • Instant video replay
  • Frame by frame forward & rewind
  • Frame speed controls up to 7X
  • Analysis during game play
  • In Game Option select Video Replay to replay your swing.
  • Use Video Analyse for analysis of your swing.
  • In Video analysis use drawing tools to understand the angle and swings.

Pick the best fitment for you and complete the round with outstanding shots.

To enjoy the marvelous game of golf and become technically perfect requires having right brand of clubs & balls. Choosing brand is the hardest part and the most expensive investment. Though the appearance of clubs & balls of all brands are nearly similar the slight variations have a great impact while hitting shots.

Before making your purchase conduct small piece of research by using club & ball fitting tool of our BOGolf simulator. You can hit shots by using different brands and select the suitable one that best suits your needs, the choice is yours.

Properly fitted golf clubs enables you to perform better swing with less effort and improved ball flight & contact.

Buying the most suitable ball has always been a dilemma for most of the Golfers across the globe. Eventually they land up buying the most costly ball believing that it is the most suitable ball for them. But it is important to understand that each individual has different swing speed and swing path which dictate distance of ball flight. Now through the ball fitting test, they can find out which golf ball will be most suitable.

Features of BOGolf Club & Ball fitting:

  • Compare 5 different brands
  • Driver fitting
  • Irons fitting
  • Wedge fitting
  • Ball fitting
  • Detailed Shot Analysis

Swing path is the path on which club moves while taking backswing & downswing. This path indicates ball flying direction - the initial & the final destination of ball. Analyzing the swing path is the tough task. This is the reason 9 Swing path analysis tool has been added to our simulator.

Ball can take any of the following 9 direction

  1. Pure: It is a great straight shot. Ball flees straight in one line.
  2. Draw: Ball starts out straight and slightly draws towards left.
  3. Fade: Ball starts out straight & slightly curves towards right.
  4. Hook: Ball starts out little right on line & curve towards left.
  5. Slice: Ball starts out little left on line & curve towards right.
  6. Pull: It is straight shot hit towards left. Ball flees straight towards left.
  7. Push: It is straight shot hit towards right. Ball flees straight towards right
  8. Pull hook: Ball starts out left and keeps curving towards extreme left.
  9. Push slice: Ball starts out right and keeps curving towards extreme right.

A golfer needs to control the clubface, club head in order to hit the pure shot. Our 9 swing path analyzer tool will guide you on which shot you have hit. It will also show you the Ball spin & Side spin.


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