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Mixing business with pleasure is not easy. But some strategies work like magic. Think out of the box and check out how golf simulators can be useful in attracting the business crowd in addition to providing entertainment at a fraction of a cost. Interested? Hire golf simulators and shift focus from other sports to this classy sport that is now becoming popular with the masses. Remember once upon a time only the elite played cricket. Today it is being played by masses and has become a religion in some nations. It is the same with golf. Only one needs to create a ‘different’ plan to get people interested to play. Renting a golf simulator is a better idea if you are trying it out for the first time. Build a fan base of customers to return. Then you can do a full-fledged installation with a proper package. Often at exhibitions, people rent indoor golf simulator to get visitors to come to the booth. It is an attraction. Now go beyond this attraction to get genuine customers.

Follow these steps:

Step 1

A golf simulator can be rented to increase revenue. The two sure shot ways are to introduce it to a golf academy where professionals teach. The next best alternative is to make it a summer special for kids to learn. It could also attract regular golfers to practice their skills and hone them. In some cases you can get two birdies in one go!

Step 2

There are many ways to beat competition. If you run a club or a park have a mid-sized hotel premises, check the customer profile coming. It can be the biggest driver to introduce this game. We offer affordable rental packages to suit the clients. BoGolf already has a good customer profile that rents its golf simulators often for various events. If you are a hotel owner with some space to spare, an indoor golf simulator rental will be useful.

Step 3

Contact our executives for a demo. We shall be glad to provide the details. Indoor golf comes under hospitality and entertainment sector. We know what it is to be a support partner to our clients. The company has a range of professionals who deal with the hardware, software and all kinds of technological needs. When you rent a virtual golf simulator from our facility we offer different golf courses and packages. The additional products serve as accessories to make the game more interactive and entertaining. The rental installation comes with the HD cameras, images and game analysis data.

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