Indoor Golf Simulator for Personal & Professional Use

Why Choose Us?

BO Gamer Pvt. Ltd is India’s top golf simulator company based in Mumbai. We provide best and affordable indoor golf simulator for home, hotels, events, sports academy and real estate buildings in India. We also offer them on rental basis. Below are some features that will give you a basic idea of our virtual golf simulator:

Super High Speed Camera

What Sets BOGOLF apart from other simulators is that it is crowned with super high speed cameras instead of infrared sensors. Super high speed cameras are accurate to capture ball information: speed, spin, swing & path, no matter how long you are playing. Cameras are projected on the ceiling hence well protected causing no danger by golf clubs or golf balls. The biggest disadvantage of infrared simulator is that there is no accuracy to calculate ball information if played for longer duration and also damage danger is high as they are placed very near to the hitting zone.

Indoor & Outdoor Dual Capability

BOGOLF offers Indoor & Outdoor golf simulator. As per individual's choice or need it can be installed inside as well as outside enabling you to play 18 holes game with a friend in a driving range, even in the garden or under the roof of your house.

3D Graphics Engine

Scarcity of golf courses in India is the major constraint towards the golf growth. But now with BOGolf you can have hands on experience on various courses across the world. With the constant endeavor of our designers we are able to deliver Top International Golf courses and can also design your favorite course in a short duration.

On Line Competition

Just because you are away from your friend to whom you would like to compete doesn't mean to hang up. BOGolf enables online golfing. Golfer can held online golf tournament with the golfers at different locations. Opponents can interact; can watch up & down shots; can praise & cheer each other throughout the round & cultivate relationship. Though online but truly have an unforgettable experience.


Our golf simulator can be installed to complement the decor of your venue. Installation & setup is easy & quick.Don't require any construction or any sort of modifications. Automatic system calibration Minimum space required: 7m (length) x 4m (width) x 3m (height) Superior reliability No sensors on the floor that is subject to damage.


Our pricing is completely unbeatable and customizable to accomplish your need.

Start Up & Play

Play on BOGolf to identify your strengths & pinpoint trouble spots or schedule tournament. Start with the same spirit and mental & physical balance as required on real course, we assure you to have a splendid time on BOGolf.

Demo Facility

Demo facility of our Indoor Golf Simulator is available in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.


We provide Golf Simulators all over India. So far, we have installations in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Kerala and Pune.

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