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Published by Bogolf admin on 10-Jun-2015

The indoor game of golf will require a few physical and mental adjustments. But a player has the opportunity to play even in the winter months with own golf clubs. Even in scorching summers the worth of the virtual indoor golf simulator is well recognized. Players with shortcomings can easily try their luck ...Read More

Published by Bogolf admin on 04-Jun-2015

Why is indoor golfing is in full swing now? The answer is simple. It has opened up more opportunities for new generation of professional golfers to improve the game. Considering the fact that at one time, golf was considered a pure indoor sport, it is now cool to have its share of fun indoors too. When the weather was bad no one could play. A...Read More

Published by Bogolf admin on 02-Jun-2015

Accuracy and reliability are the two hallmarks that make a golf simulator worthy when it comes to indoors golfing. The package deal could be for a home or office. In either location the player requires accuracy of shots. It could be a practice session for the big game or for arelaxing weekend. The golf simulator package should be worth invest...Read More

Published by Bogolf admin on 21-May-2015

Those who enjoy the game with the latest simulation technology, eventually like to be on their own and play at their own pace in an ideal venue. There is nothing like having a golf simulator at home. One can play uninterrupted for hours without having to thin...Read More


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