About Golf Academy

Dreaming of playing golf and actually playing it aren't mutually exclusive when it comes to The Cosmos Club Golf Academy. Here, we make golf enjoyable, accessible and professionally viable with our sophisticated Cosmos Golf Indoor Simulator.

What We Do ?

Our clients, between the age-group of 5-65, are provided with a variety of options ranging from hourly practice to highly flexible and affordable quarter year membership plans, where members get FREE coaching and other perks.

The Work Of Coach

Learn from our IGU certified coach, immerse yourself in cutting-edge 3D graphics that power the international golf courses and the ever helpful Swing and Video analyser to help you perfect your game.

The Cosmos Club is part of BOGolf (BO Gamer Pvt. Ltd.), India's leading manufacturer and supplier of golf simulators.

Golf like you've never experienced before.

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  • "Awesome day at a wonderful golf simulator and a very helpful coach too"

    - Dr Krishna Prasad -

  • "The Golf simulator has been pivotal in establishing a realistic and challenging golf experience to members."

    - Dr Bharath K K -

  • "My golf game has been greatly improved by the use of your Golf simulator. Thanks for such a great product."

    - Mr Ravi S R -

  • "Thank You for all your hard work in developing this simulator,expandable golf simulator, with GREAT support."

    -Mr M R Kamble -

  • "Amazing fun . Also very surprising how poor my swing is looking at the photographic evidence, extremely beneficial tool."

    - Dr Navin Chand -

  • "can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying playing golf inside.It has been a great adventure by you people"

    - Dr Bharath -